State of Things February 2023

I redid the blog, this is the first blog post since I rewrote the website in the Rust programming language.


2nd Life Inc.

For part of December 2022 through January 2023, I was employed once again by 2nd Life Inc.

For most of the time I was at 2nd Life during that time period, I was tasked with the repair of various Apple Mac systems, mostly iMac systems.

Atlantic Estimating

With Atlantic Estimating, since November 1, 2022, I have completed over seven Matterport 3D spaces and Xactimate sketches with buildings in Virginia, Florida, Maryland and Washington DC.

Personal Projects


Somewhat reluctantly, I started to host my open source software projects through GitHub. This has greatly benefited productivity as using Git allows me to sync my progress on software projects across devices while being able to showcase my work.


As mentioned above, the website was been rewritten in the Rust programming language, mainly making use of the Actix Web framework. This is the first major project I have released using the Rust programming language.

The rewrite was done in response of performance concerns specifically with RAMList which has grown very quickly.

Currently, as of this blog post, ctclsite-rust is on version 0.2.0 with the introduction of the "Projects" page.


I have been making major progress with the custom inventory management software, CAMS.

Recently, the project has found me using concepts such as "metaprogramming" with the Python programming language. The project has so far been a great learning experience with software development.


A lot of my hardware projects have been either put on hold due to component shortages, overestimation of my circuit design skills (see Dunning-Kruger effect) or priorities.

These projects include:

These projects have reached the assembly stage:

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