Privacy Policy

Date of last modification: February 26, 2023

This website is optimized for security, privacy, performance and compatibility. To achieve this, the website does not contain or serve any JavaScript, plugins or other tracking technologies.

This website is open source software, see About the Website at About.

Information that is collected and why it is collected

Information that is automatically collected when an user visits the webpage consists of:

This information may be provided by the web browser or the device and is not collected from any other means.

How the information is used

Data listed above, under "Information that is collected", may be stored indefinitely on servers within the United States of America. Collecting such information helps provide a better understanding of website traffic and to improve security. The servers where this website is hosted are located within the United States, currently using DigitalOcean's services. This information is not disclosed or sold to any other third party.

Third Party Websites

This website may mention other websites or contain links to other websites. CTCL cannot take responsibility for personal information collected on these third party websites, nor does CTCL monitor or accept responsibility for the accuracy or content of these other websites.

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Privacy Policy
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