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Model Form factor Formatted capacity Interface Rated power input Controller Memory (RAM Cache) capacity Memory (RAM Cache) ICs Flash IC (SSHD only) Platter speed Sector size Platter count Notes Source
Ultrastar HUA721010KLA330 (GKAOAB0A) 3.5" 1TB (1,000,204,886,016 bytes) SATA-II (3Gbit/s) Infineon relabeled as LSI 32MiByte hynix 256Mibit N/A 7200 RPM 512 byte Model number and capacity as reported by GNOME Disk Utility under Linux Mint 20.3 x86-64 CrazyblocksTechnologies Computer Laboratories
Ultrastar HUC109060CSS600 NetApp 3.5" 600GByte SATA-II (3Gbit/s) 5v 0.7a, 12v 0.4a LSI 64MiByte Nanya NT5TU32M16DG-BE DDR2 512Mibit N/A 10000 RPM 520 bytes Sector size was 520 bytes because of being used in a NetApp server, was converted to 512 using the sg_format utility under Lubuntu 18.04 Linux with a Dell PERC 6/i SAS host card. Disk does not spin up if 3.3v is supplied to the 3.3v pins on the SATA power connector. CrazyblocksTechnologies Computer Laboratories

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